About Us

Donnie Denton started building new homes in 1992.  Since then he has built countless homes ranging in price from $335,000.00 to $3,000,000.00.   The biggest misconception is that Denton only builds homes over $1,000,000, when actually we can be very competitive in homes ranging from $300,000 - $500,000 as well.

During his successful career he has always treated his clients with the respect they deserve while building their homes as if they were his own.  In doing so, he has avoided any structural problems, leaking basements, lawsuits or bankruptcy.  Furthermore, he has remained friends with every client and has a 100% satisfaction rate!  Denton is well known as one of the few builders, regardless of the size of the project, who will give his customers a turn key price & finish the project on time while remaining on their budget.   Being informed of the actual finished cost allows our customers to make an educated decision whether or not they wish to proceed .  There is no hidden cost in a Denton home.   Donnie is very thorough when it comes to finding out what his clients want and expect from him, both in the quality of their home and the price.  If a customer chooses to make a change in their home during construction, Denton will  bid out the change and provide the owner with an exact price to do so.   At this time, if the owner decides to proceed with the change, each party signs a duplicate change order and construction proceeds.  This process explains why every client is satisfied when their home is completed.  There are no surprises or unknown overages.

Denton is well known for his over the top, unique designs and exceptional trim work.  He got his start in 1982 after he and his cousin Rick moved to Oklahoma in search of construction work.  Rick, a carpenter, landed a job right away.  Donnie, who had no experience, worked odd jobs for several months as he tried to convince contractors to hire him.  Unsuccessful in his attempts, he and his wife were prepared to move back to Indiana when Rick had a crazy idea.   Knowing that Rick's boss had already said he didn't want to hire Donnie because he had no experience, Rick suggested that Donnie ride to work with him the next day and just start working!  Jim, the boss, would not send Rick home so at least Donnie would get to work that day.   Donnie thought he had nothing to lose and it might just work, so he went.  Jim  looked at Donnie the next morning like he was crazy but didn't send him away.   Donnie worked hard that day and literally ran when the Jim told him to do something.   At the end of the day, while loading tools, Donnie accidentally dropped a brand new router.  Donnie was convinced he wouldn't be hired as he watched the router bounce off the concrete floor several times.  Jim calmly walked over and picked up his router, plugged it in and much to Donnie's delight, it still worked.  Jim looked at Donnie and said “ I guess you can come back tomorrow.” He paid Donnie $3.35 per hour in the beginning.  Donnie worked with Jim for several years perfecting his new trade.

After the oil crisis in Oklahoma construction work suffered, so Donnie answered an ad from a interior designer seeking an experienced carpenter to trim a special room for the Oklahoma Home & Garden Show.   Donnie got the job.  The designer was so impressed with Donnie's abilities he offered him a  full time position trimming multi- million dollar homes around the country.  Donnie and his family were moved from city to city and he was given the task of completing the most difficult projects in the home.  Donnie worked for the designer for over three years learning about interior design and how to turn great ideas into a beautiful masterpiece.  Donnie was torn, however, over the fact that every year or so he would have the unenviable task of moving his family again.  He didn't want his children to grow up in an ever changing school environment.   Donnie moved back to Indiana and started sub-contracting trim work for a local builder/developer Bob Adcock.  Donnie and Bob became fast friends.  Donnie had trimmed for him for 3 years when Adcock approached him with a proposition.   Bob offered to let Donnie build a house in his subdivision.  Donnie thought this would be impossible since he didn't have enough money to even buy a lot, so he declined.  Bob then said “Donnie you have always been fair to me and always done the right thing.”  He then signed a lot over to Donnie.  Bob even talked to his own banker and convinced him to loan Donnie the money to build his first spec home.  The venture was a success and the house sold before it was completed.  Donnie was able to pay Bob for the lot and has been building ever since.  Donnie admits that he wouldn't be where he is today without the help of Bob and Barb Adcock, they truly changed our lives by giving us that opportunity!

Our average house plan price ranges from $1,500.00 - $2,500.00.  Let Denton Homes, Inc. help you realize your dream of building a custom home. One thing is certain, if you put your trust in Denton you won't regret it.   Please read some of the testimonials from our past clients that were right where you are today to hear their experience of building a custom home. To contact us simply click the contact link above and complete the form or call Donnie Denton at 812-449-7653. 

Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to hearing from you to begin the exciting new adventure of creating a home that is not just a home but a work of art!