Jeff and Rhonda Wolfe


I can not believe it has been 8 years since you built our home in 2004. We will always remember all the great times we had working with you. That was a very busy time in our life with our son getting married along with our daughter graduating from High School and going to college. We never would have made it through all of the decisions without your help. Many people have asked us how did you know what you wanted to do for the ceilings in all of your rooms. And we say we left it up to Donnie. Not very many people can say I just left the woodworking and ceilings up to their builder. Thank You again for your professional work and opinions. You surrounded yourself with many other professional contractors helping us to complete cabinets, custom closets, Theater Room, Faux Painting and the List goes on. And to think you completed everything as scheduled a head of time. But most of all we would like to Thank You for the great Friendship we developed during those times.

Jan and Emil Weber

Thirteen years ago my wife Jan and I decided to build a new house as we wished it to be. We had heard many bad reports about doing this such as, conflicts with the builder, cost over-runs, poor quality of work, and various other stresses associated with the building process.We met Donnie Denton and inspected a great number of his previously constructed homes. The quality of the homes was excellent and the people who had him to their work were all very satisfied with their construction experience.With his help we drew up our plans, and after the 8th rendition, we were satisfied that it was what we wanted to build.In short, it took a year to build our house and it was fun for the both of us. Jan and I would check over the progress almost evening and would talk with Donnie about any questions we might have. Our relationship with Donnie was very cordial and professional and all issues were always ironed out to our and his satisfaction.We had only some cost over-runs on light fixtures, and that was our own doing; we simply had some expensive tastes in lighting. We were willing to pay more for what we really wanted. We have been delighted with the end result, and as I mentioned before, it was actually fun building our house. One feature Donnie takes exceptional pride in is the interior carpentry - it is superb and beautifully done. We are still giving "house tours" because people hear of his work and wish to see it. It truly is more are than just "finishing carpentry".I cannot say enough good things about Donnie Denton in terms of his skills, compulsiveness, leadership and surveillance of his subs, acceptance of ultimate responsibility, and personal integrity.If you need a house and wish the finest quality work, have Donnie Denton build it.

Cyndi and Phillip Behren

We contacted Denton Homes to build our house in 2004. What was appealing to us was the fact that we could get a guaranteed turnkey price for our new home. We had heard stories of people building with a cost plus contract with large unknown overages at the end of the job. Donnie helped us stay on budget and completed our job on time. He worked very closely with my wife on interior design and keeping us in tune with every step of the process. We were 100% satisfied with the workmanship of our home and would highly recommend Donnie Denton to build your next home.

J.R. and Carol Hermes

Our house was built in 1993, and was finished as Donnie Denton promised on time and within budget. Donnie honored our wishes, welcomed our ideas, and kept us fully informed on the progress. He provided timely notice on when we needed to make selections of hardware and appliances, and provided valuable information on which to base our decisions. During the building process, he was present on our job site most of the time to assure that things were done right. He did not hesitate to correct, at his expense, anything that was not constructed to meet his high standards.

We are particularly pleased with the custom finish work done by Mr. Denton. We have built in bookcases, media center, china cabinet, and a beautiful paneled den all designed and finished by him. Donnie Denton’s attention to detail is unique among other builders in our area. Everyone who visits our home comments on his excellent work.

Through the years, we have remained immensely pleased with the quality of our home. Other contractors we have hired to help us with maintenance tasks have commented that our home was exceptionally well built. If you are interested in building a quality home, we would recommend without reservation that you select Mr. Denton as your builder.

Willie and Elizabeth Morgan

Donnie, just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job on our beautiful home. The completed product turned out to be more spectacular than we could have ever imagined. Your attention to detail and on the job changes to our original plan were greatly appreciated. The quality of work from foundation to completion is second to none. The relationship you have with and the quality of your sub contractors is apparent both in your exceptional work and reflected In their reasonable cost. Both willie and I are excited to be in Victoria Village on Sciota Court Newburgh In A beautiful Denton Home.

Patty McGowan

My name is Patty McGowan, I decided to build a home and chose Donnie Denton as our contractor after several interviews. Our building experience was tremendous! I was pleasantly surprised to find how easy the process was. Our home was completed ahead of schedule and within our budget. Donnie was always professional, responsive and open minded to our “unique ideas”. We worked very closely for several months and became friends. I would highly recommend Denton Homes & I would use them again should I decide to build in the future.

Courtney and Aaron Dewees

In the summer of 2011 we had the distinct pleasure of purchasing a Donnie Denton home in Victoria Manor. We couldn't be more satisfied with our purchase and over the past year have enjoyed this outstanding house tremendously. We wholeheartedly recommend Donnie as a custom home builder for many reasons: His experience shines through in the fine craftsmanship and efficient use of space in his projects. Attention to detail and knowledge of the building process - from creation to completion - are evident in all that he does. He stays on top of changing trends and utilized some of the latest technology in our home. However, it has been Donnie's commitment and service to us after we moved in that has really set him apart. He addresses concerns and questions about our home without reservation. He has remained committed to us as "clients" long after the purchase date and has made this whole experience wonderful for our family

Kirsten and Lee Wagmeister

We worked with Denton Homes to build our 2006 Parade Home of the Year, and couldn't have asked for a better experience. A home is the largest expenditure we ever expect to make, so we wanted to work with the best builder to create the best home for our family. Donnie was on site every day, and kept us informed as each new phase of construction took place. We wanted a beautiful home in which we could raise our kids and really put down roots. What we got was all that and more, and it was finished on time, and on budget. For it to win the Parade of Homes 'Home of the Year' in its category was icing on the cake. It seems that there are so many builders to choose from in our area. What impressed us about Denton Homes was its reputation for high quality of construction, and the fact that Donnie treats each home as unique, not as just one more cookie cutter model. Even today, six years after our home's completion, we can call Donnie with a question and he remembers who we are and who installed what feature in our home. Sub contractors who worked on our house during construction really affirmed our decision to build with Denton Homes. They see a lot of work in town and know who the best are in their field. Over and over again we were told we'd made a smart choice with Denton Homes -- that's how highly regarded Donnie is with his peers. Building a home is not for the faint of heart. There are many decisions and deadlines and it isn't an inexpensive endeavor. So it's even more important for a homeowner to work with a builder who is on top of things, understands the budget, has an eye for detail, and who is willing to think outside the box. That's Denton Homes.

Kelly and Robert Vogt

Mr. Denton built the dream home my husband and I had always wanted. It was no easy task. We asked for several things to be done in unusual ways. Donnie found a way, in every instance, to get things exactly as we wanted them. Even when I threw him a few challenges and changes midway into the project, Donnie personally did the work to get it just right. He is definitely not just a contractor, but digs his hands deeply into the project and gets dirty himself. He would never hand total control over to another, he was nearly always there with an eye or a hand on every project. His talent is amazing, as is the talent of all those he chooses to work with him. Over 12 years and two kids later, our trim hasn't budged and is still perfectly mitered; our spray finished doors look like they did the day we moved in; our basement is dry; all drainage for the lot and around the pool still draining very well; very few nail pops, no cracked concrete, I could go on and on - no problems!! Not only that, but our cost per square foot was unbeatable! There were no surprise costs. Nothing went over budget. We still love it and know resale will be good when we are ready to down-size.

Tiffany and Ryan Meyer

Donnie Denton built our home and I wanted to say what a fantastic experience we had. He is so much more than a builder. He takes your own interests and ideas personal and works to get exactly what you want. We had a mental picture for years of our dream home and he completed it to perfection. We couldn't be happier with the whole process and are pleased to call Donnie a personal friend. He was/is wonderful to our kids He is available 24/7 which did come in handy with our crazy schedule. We never want to move again, but would build with Donnie again in a second. We strongly recommend him to anyone interested in building. Call him and you won't be disappointed Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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